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Do you wan contribute? write a review or share your learnings or a recent experience that you want to share? We have a “huge room” for you.

We are all storytellers in our own ways and will amplify that for you.

ESCooped is accepting guest posts and contributions from bloggers, writers, photographers, videographers, storytellers and influencers.


Must READ:

Guest posts in our website is voluntary, and we don’t have any compensation package as of the moment for our bloggers and storytellers, but instead, we can:

  • promote your content,
  • mention your name,
  • mention your website or blog


Guidelines for Contribution:

1. The article is not yet published in any other blog or publication (online or offline).
2. The article should be unique.
3. The article can be a photo essay (a series of photos), a Top 12 List or any format of any of our existing category.
4. Stories submitted shuld be accompanied by at least 5 photos related to your story submitted.
5. The article should be at least 550 words long.
6. Only submit photos which you own or you have permission to use.
7. Article should not include any commercial links. If you want to advertise, please visit our ADVERTISING PAGE.
8. Don’t forget to include the following in the post you are submitting: Your short bio,
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Personal Website).


What’s In IT for Each ESCooper?

1. Each articles published will have your short bio at the bottom of the post and it will include links to your personal website / blog and social media accounts.
2. More traffic to your blogs/website
3. Eack of your article will be posted and reshared on our Facebook (133,000+), Twitter, Instagram accounts.
4. You can use your ESCooped profile as one of your online portfolios
5. You can get future travel, hotel, food and event assignments from us once you become a regular contributor.

If you have read everything above, and you want to contribute, please email your contribution to contribute[at] or SUBMIT it here.