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Parilya Celebrates Second Anniversary


Close family ties has always been one of the distinguished trait of a Filipino. And when it comes to milestones in the family, the celebrations are always special

Parilya as part of Laguna Group’s chain of restaurants is a labour of love by the Urbina family. As it has celebrated its second year anniversary, the sea-side restaurant has prepared only the best for its diners and guests!

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Earlier during the day, the staff has already been busy making necessary groundwork like setting the buffet table, flower arrangements, putting up a makeshift stage and everything in between. Like someone in the family is having a birthday party, the owners themselves are manning everything in the preparations themselves.

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Guests and diners started flowing in around six in the evening. Waiting for them is a wide variety of food choices. Starting off with enticing appetizers like fresh lumpia and ampalaya salad, you round the corner and there’s your grilled favorites in front of the “always present sa handaan” lechon, well seasoned with a glorious shiny crisp skin. Yum! On the other side are Beef Caldereta, Bam-i, Kinilaw na Langka, Laksa which tastes like my Bicolano favorite, Laing and of course, we cannot forget a Parilya favorite, Sauted Seafood with only the freshest crabs and shrimps in a savory sauce with chopped corn! Heaven! Finishing it off with your favorite Pinoy desserts such as Biko, Maja with Latik and Buko Pandan. It really is a pinoy gastronomic experience!

Not only that you are greeted with a very delicious meal, guests and diners are welcomed by the Urbina family themselves. You can see how hands on they are that you can even see the chief owner, Mrs Julita Urbina, on the grill making sure everything is well served and and on its place.

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What else can make your dining experience great? A live band serenading you while you eat with your friends and family! Cebu’s local band who started the music scene in Cebu 30 years ago, 40 The Band was Parilya’s cherry on top during the night. At around seven in the evening, the band started playing their first set of your 80’s mellow favorites. Everyone was hooked! Singing along and tapping their feet while enjoying the food al fresco. It only shows how perfect the night was.

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Around nine in the evening when everyone was already chilling, chitchatting with their friends the band has hyped up the scene with its second set! People got up to their feet, started dancing along with the music, laughing. I guess it really felt nostalgic like it was the 80’s all over again in Cebu – no traffic, less city life stress, away from the hustle bustle of the reality of life. At least for some time, everyone felt at ease, just enjoying the simplicity of the moment.

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That is what the Urbina Family wants its customers to feel. With its sea-side setting just a few kilometers away from the hustling city metro, you can easily escape and still appreciate life’s simple moments. Revel in with your favorite Cebuano favorite dishes and just simply enjoying it with your friends, significant others or your family and relatives.

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