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Cebu’s Top Local Fashion Photographers

Photography is an art of creating photographs. A kind of art that only a photographer can create. A fashion photographer captures the art from the model’s hairstyle, make-up to the intricate details of the clothes worn or the lack thereof. The art does not end from taking photos. A photographer processes the photo to turn the final processed object into an art.

Anyone can be a photographer, but these photographers I am presenting to you exceed beyond how a photographer can be.

Here are Cebu’s Top Local Fashion Photographers, which I proudly present because of their artistic ability and the skill to faithfully capture the beauty of their objects or muse.

Pierre Angelo Photography

Photography is an art that calls for everyone who is willing to notice the details and experience life from another point of view. It’s not easy seeing through a lens; distorting, magnifying or editing reality, but when you manage to achieve it, change is inevitable.

“I have been taking pictures since I was in grade school, but I never really paid much attention to detail. I didn’t even get any photography class or read about the basics. When I got deployed overseas for work, that’s when I realized I needed to get proper photography workshops and classes. I started shooting drifting comps and fashion shows along with models for my old website and then I realized how much I liked doing it. A few years after my ex-partner bought me an SLR for my birthday, I started shooting again. Now, I’m really into it. I generally find inspiration by doing a short hike without the camera. It’s almost inevitable not to notice something worthy for a capture. When this happens, I spend some time looking at the subject from different angles and figure out exactly how I’d take the picture if I did have the camera with me.” Michael Archangel enthused.

Email :

Phone : 0943-433-4235

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Kim Manalang Photography

Photography is like a story, you need to show to people what’s really inside the box.

“Before I finished my Airline degree in College, I discovered my passion in taking pictures. I got my inspiration through movies. I always wanted to be part of those people behind the camera. For now, I’m still learning. Its a never ending process. I may never be the best but I can be better than what I am now.” Kim Manalang said.

Email :

Contact : 0998-995-5996

Facebook Page :





Mohdify Photos

Photography is basically the process or art of capturing pictures. For me, it is something that needs passion and emotion. Everyone can take photos, but converting them into art is the challenge, a challenge that any photographer would gladly take.

“When I had my first DSLR two years ago (2014), I really had no idea how good photos are taken using it. I started as a novice and realized that photography is not merely a point and shoot thing. Knowledge of the basics and a deeper understanding of it is essential. I get amazed and inspired when other photographers showcase their incredible masterpieces. They will always serve as an inspiration for me to move forward and take more good/significant photos. I also take time to randomly check good photos online and get some inspiration from different concepts/ideas, then I would isolate them into an idea that I want to achieve.” – El Mundo shared.

Email :

Phone : 0977-353-4868

Website :

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Supreme by NL

Photography is an artistic visualization from a collective creative imagination.

“It all started as a hobby. I had my first digital camera and started taking photos of my pet dog, cat, and landscapes. Then my dad gave me my first DSLR then I started shooting portraits and portfolios. I always believe that life is a work in progress and is constantly changing. Fashion and style is in constant change so I read lots of fashion magazines, do a lot of research, and continuously study new editing techniques.” shared Nico Liu.

Facebook Page :





A simple click is not enough for photographers. They’re artists who also take the risks and always learn from the mistakes or even ugliness of what they manage to capture. They are visual artists that utilize the digital aspect of technology and convert captured moments or objects into arts of desire.

What we’ve listed here have the rights to be called as such: artistic clickers of object and beauty  that make snapshots and digitally-manipulated hues from natural origin into frames of delight, excitement and appreciation. In other words, these talented individuals have the ability to market themselves because they are able to enlighten their clients that they are the best in what they do.

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