What’s Trending Today, August 22, 2016

It’s certainly Marvelous in Rio! But it’s reached its end. So we bid Rio goodbye. But then, Hello Kitty! Because next Olympics would be in Tokyo.

The famous Brazilian city made history as the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics. It was historic and marvelous and even a great event for Filipinos, who have at least nabbed one silver medal.

But as they always say: “Walang Forever”, the Rio Olympics reached its end on Aug. 21, at Rio, which in Manila it’s today, August 22. The ending ceremony has proven that the Summer Olympics would always be an anticipated sports event globally.

??? foi foda! #riodejaneiro #rio2016 #olympics #olympics2016

A post shared by Tiago Mingau (@mingsmingsmings) on

??? foi foda! #riodejaneiro #rio2016 #olympics #olympics2016

A post shared by Tiago Mingau (@mingsmingsmings) on

But what’s next for Olympics?

It’s going to be Tokyo in 2020.

Here’s hoping we get more Filipino athletes to compete in the largest sports event ever and at least the first gold medal should be coveted. Hope! Hope! Hope!

But this guy will always be in the hearts of many– from the start of the Olympics to its grand ending.

But regardless of the Filipinos feat in Olympics or lack thereof, we are glad to have Hidilyn Diaz to bring the silver medal in weightlifting.

Hidilyn Diaz

Yes, weightlifting is already a recognized competitive sport in Olympics. If you are serious about this, why not go to somewhere that really bulk you up and bring the muscles out like in Anytime Fitness where we can do fitness any time of the day or night. Even at dawn, really. We’re serious. Try the gym out.

Anytime Fitness gym

And since we are talking about trending, this month, our resident Escooper, Kevin Durano started his video: Anong Trending Ngayon, Kevin?

Local celebrities and beauty queens were graciously asked to say the lines for Kevin’s benefits. Even the Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez was very cool in saying the line.

Now, chant the line with me: Anong trending ngayon, Kevin???


To other trending news, the AlDub pair is still unstoppable. It may have brought disgust to other people. But who cares when  you have this pair with millions of followers who have become the popular celebrity pair’s army against the haters.

The trending #AlDUBNation1MLegacy keeps the Twitterati trend going. And we can’t blame if it is always on the list.

But what does BuzzFeed think about Maine and Alden?

In other news, Duterte is warning the United Nations that Philippines would withdraw its membership. Can he do that? Yes, he can.

And though I would agree to it, perhaps, there must be a proper forum to discuss this matter more seriously.

But I believe the talk of the town would be De Lima. The lady senator who has earned the nickname De5 is currently embroiled in a scandal.

But I think each Filipino has a pressing problem on hand. Leave the De Lima scandal or whatever that is to the government. Filipinos need to figure out how to resolve this problem. Yes, this very pressing problem.

So, that’s it for today. Catch up next time. Next week, perhaps on What’s Trending Today.

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Written by Bjorn Cebuano

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