8 Things that Social Media Managers Should Learn

Buying likes and followers on Facebook used to be the trend. In a way, this practice has been encouraged to amplify followers and possibly boost the revenues of social media networks. Nonetheless, effective management of social media pages is still crucial to continually reach the target audience and possibly attract more followers.

Social media management is not anymore a job of the hobbyists, who only desire to get more followers to boost their egos. For businesses, proper management of social media pages is already relevant and effective ways to manage the pages are critical to augment possible reach, potentially leading to more leads and conversions.

Reflecting on what social media managers should learn in effectively handling the accounts and pages of brands is synonymous to strategic planning. As there are ways to create social media pages to build brands or amplify the social media platforms for established brands, the social media managers’ roles also expand to making the pages resonate with the followers and potential target audience.

Thankfully, from the recent social media marketing bootcamp last August 6, 2016 at OLX Cebu office, I came to stumble upon the methods and strategies that would help social media managers in ways that would clearly help elevate the reach of social media pages.

And these are many discoveries, which social media managers can contemplate and apply for their respective social media pages:


  1. Expand your networks

Don’t just stick to one. I see that you are thinking of one platform that could scope everything to help you get things done easier. That could work. But I guess, if you are having a problem with working it out, then think again. You should know that your target audience is not limited on Facebook or Instagram alone. But if you can throw one ball and hit more than one target then that is the best way to catch them. If you are missing them out and that’s the real problem. The best key is to always know where your audiences are.

social media collaboration


  1. Getting your content right

Not everything is worth to be posted. If you want them to keep coming, then always acknowledge that you need to know your audience. You don’t want to lose a dozen just because of that one irrelevant post. Don’t feed them with something that is one sided. By that, I mean: what could be interesting or entertaining to you might not be for others.

The key here is to always do a research possibly about what’s the latest in your area or what are the things that your audience mostly tackling about. Then try to review it and make some experiments like making poll questions or do survey them individually depending on the situation or topics.


  1. Make connections

Make them feel extra special. Show them that you are there to respond to their queries and concerns. If you can maintain that relationship between you and your audience then that is a big plus for your brand/company to be on top.

Your audience/customers always finds it amusing that you are responding to their questions even though it is not always answered but if they feel that you are concern the more that they will give you their trust.


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  1. Collaborate

Two heads are better than one.

Yes, you can work it out alone but take it into consideration that you do not know everything but here is that one person who might give you the perfect idea.

Just like this article, it’s intended to help you know that you need to know something else that you might have.

Collaborating is like expanding more possibilities. It’s good to deal with others because you get to have different perspective and more concepts in your business. This might be just one but if you collaborate, there will be more space for your improvements.


  1. Keep motivated

It’s good to know why you are doing this and who it is meant for. Look at the other side whenever you feel like giving up. Remember that you are in the internet and it’s easy to bring them back if only you make them feel that your page, brand, or team is also motivated. This might sound odd or untrue but believe it or not, if your customers/audience sees that you are a team/page that’s driven then the tendency is that your audiences gets attracted to you.

Yes! They will feel that even if they’re on the other side of the world because it will show.

social media questions


  1. Never flood

That’s a big NO my dear. As what I stated on no. 2 about getting your content right, it means you just don’t post anything that pops out of your mind. You should not blab about anything without putting it to consideration that what you might be posting or what you just posted might cause a big impact negatively.

Make sure you post something that’s worth their time. Flooding is okay but if you cannot maintain a good topic for them then just don’t. I guess it would be fine if it’s about updates on certain events but still make sure you come up with a relevant post.


  1. Be transparent

Be clear with your intentions. Let them know why you exist and what you can do for them. Just like how you keep yourself motivated which reflects on your page/site is also how you show your audience the reason for your existence. Be firm for your stand and let them know what your thoughts are on some things. In short, have conviction. However, it is also not advisable to be seriously one-sided on one case or topic for it might cause arguments with your followers.

Your opinion can help them weigh their thinking but never be pushy. You can tell them how you really feel and what it your stand on it but close it by somehow telling them “it’s just my/our opinion”.


  1. Always try one more time

It’s about trial and error but do keep in mind that you should also learn not to commit the same mistakes or else you will lose them.

Never lose hope. If you fail then try other options and also never commit that same mistakes all over again.

So that’s it!

Hopefully this brings you a little help. Try them and let us know if it did help you. Just make sure to do them all at once. If it fails then just do no. 8 all over again.

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