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Ways on How to Get to Bohol – A Must Know


Bohol is an island province located in the central part of the Philippines. It’s right beside the province of Cebu and currently, it’s economy is booming because of its continued urban development and tourism improvement. It’s home to a lot of cultural heritage sites as well as various tourist attractions that attracts customers from all over the world.

Getting to Bohol is quite easy as it has a lot of access points. Here are some of them.

Plane Access

Bohol is accessible via a plane ride from Manila. The Tagbilaran Airport is the island’s sole airport. The airport only allows local flights for now, however, the government has planned to make an international airport at Panglao Island to make Bohol more accessible to foreign tourists coming from other parts of the world. Currently, the Philippine Airlines and the Cebu Pacific AirBus A319’s fill the airport though there were Fokker 50 planes with the Manila-Tagbilaran route sometime ago but were phased out.

Flights from Manila to Bohol will take approximately an hour and 15 minutes. Despite that, it’s the fastest way to go to Bohol.

Roll-on Roll-off Access

Roll-on roll-off services or simply RORO are ships that will let you travel along with your car to other islands in the Philippines. So basically, it’s just like travelling on car. There are a lot of RORO schedules out there, including one in Bohol. And they practically come in cheap too.

So if you’re coming from Cebu or from the nearby island provinces, you could rent a vehicle and drive all the way to Bohol via RORO to make your trip more affordable. Just a quick reminder though – the ferries that will carry you and your vehicle won’t be traveling fast. It will take sometime for it to dock to Bohol, depending on where you have departured.

Ship Access

Bohol has a couple ports, with the Tagbilaran City Wharf being its main. There’s one in Talibon, Getafe, Buenavista, Clarin, Ubay, Loon and Tubigon. So yes, using a ship to travel here gives you a lot of options – the Tagbilaran City Wharf has RORO access so you could dock there with your vehicle. From Cebu, it would only take 2 hours for a fastcraft ferry ride to get to Bohol.

There are of course, the casual ship rides, however these are much slower. This ride would take approximately 4 hours to get to the island. It’s quite worth it if you want to enjoy the view of the sea while traveling there.


Though Bohol is inaccessible for direct international flights unlike Cebu, it never fails to give their tourists and everyone for that matter, an option as to what to use for their travels into the island. And with the continued development of the said island, it would be able to accept international travels directly.

Traveling to Bohol is easy and it will definitely be worth it. So if you’re an international traveler who decided to visit the Philippines, make sure to put this one on your destination list.


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