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6 things I Learned from Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp in Cebu started modestly with a group of students eager to learn about social media and digital marketing. Its first session was on July 16, 2016, a Saturday. I was glad I was in a room of enthusiastic bloggers at the OLX Cebu office.

You are probably wondering how people earn through social media and what is really in it for everyone. It’s not just about earning but it’s more on how to admirably brand your work into something that would really propagate. Call yourself either a tech savvy, graphics editor, writer, blogger or an analyst but allow me to share to you 6 things that this boot camp has enlightened me with my little knowledge to social media.

I do consider myself lucky for I had taken the opportunity to publish my own a blog at the most unexpected moment. I never thought of myself writing because I honestly don’t think that I am a good writer but here I am writing this down for you so I think that makes me writer now. So much with the fancy words let us start with the main point.

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp is one of the digital marketing classes of Digital Global Academy.

Mr. Ruben Licera Jr., an expert in digital marketing in Cebu, has come up with this type of learnings geared to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of social media marketing. Advanced classes are also integrated in the curriculum of this bootcamp.

Even though it was stated “for professionals”, I think it’s also worthy for those who want to develop their  knowhow about online marketing and strategic building of a potentially attractive brand.

We can access the world anytime; people today are making themselves known through social media either to showcase what they have to offer like their services, businesses, and products, or even on their personal desires, advocacies and goals.

The attended bootcamp has really helped boost my knowledge on how social media really works.

Social Media Bootcamp is about to start. #DigitalGlobalAcademy. #SocialMediaBootcamp

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The lessons I have gained:

1. Being able to measure what is social media success

Maybe you are thinking how much likes you earn from that post but it’s not just that. It’s actually being able to elevate stories that are commendable and that have touched peoples heart– making it remarkable. Although there are times that even the most non-sense posts are the ones that are making waves, if it is for entertainment reason or whatever it is, unknowingly it brings in surprises. The post could even work wonders, would be able to touch hearts.

2. The power of social media encouraging creation of more ideas and making them work

You have a lot of ideas on what to write and post but does it really need to be there?

How can you make those ideas work but at the same time not wasting the chances of possibly making it a hit post?

Yes! You should start weighing them, which one is yay and which one is nah.

Maintaining your credibility is very crucial to social media especially that people nowadays are very selective. We think that it is fine to just blab about anything. Maybe, it’s time to start using the right method of doing both altogether– more outputs that matter to sustain the standing of your brand.

3. The power of social media to elevate strategy on data-driven insights

What is Data-driven? That’s so profound for a word. But to simplify, it actually means making use of facts to progress in your activities rather than mere insight or personal experience. That adds up to your credibility again. You are bound to do what is appropriate at the same time affective. And so you need further data to drive your brand.

4. The importance of social media for business growth

You earn, maintain, and progress; that’s the cycle. It doesn’t stop unless you break the chain. I believe what you are trying to achieve is not the only thing that matters most but it’s your readers/customers/visitors are the reason for your success. That is why you are striving hard to do whatever you can to keep them. That’s part of your growth; you make good ground and maintain it.

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5. Identifying the best tools to use fit for a business operation.

Is Facebook alone enough? It’s never too late to make an extension for your old ways. It might help save your business. When we are into something we also strive to go with what is on trend and make sure that we don’t fall out of the line. It’s best to know that there are a lot of platforms available today and that it could possibly help build your brand to become more known and open for everyone.

6. Distinguishing all the possible techniques and strategies and ultimately be able to gain revenue from it

I guess those mentioned above are part of the possible techniques in general but what’s lacking is to start practicing and do know that there is a chance to profit from out creativity. Who would have thought that it would be easier and even possible even just at home.

So there! I am looking forward for our next session and thrilled to know further about this. I know there’s more.

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I am very enthusiastic to try these on my own. As the saying goes “Start taking risk.” Yes! Soon. Very soon. You too can join us if you are one of the enthusiastic people who wish to learn, invest and build a solid online brand for yourself. Don’t hesitate now and start telling yourself that it is it possible!

Let us know if you need more information and be ready for the next bootcamp this July 30. Special thanks to eScooped Media, eSTRAT Media, and Digital Global Academy for making this possible. Also to OLX Philippines for providing the venue free of charge.

If you wish to learn more about Social Media, you can still catch up the next session here.

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