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WATCH: Runningman Challenge at Ulli’s, Escoopers version

It’s a Friday afternoon, and it’s hot. Chilling on this day is a must or else the fiery disposition would flare up and we don’t want that. Thankfully, there is a better way to make one better chilled with nourishing benefit.

For three friends strolling around a mall, it’s a lucky afternoon for them to pass by a place, known for its chilled taho.

Yes, it’s chilled. Not the way we usually get from a taho vendor. This has some class though. So it’s sanitary. Guaranteed.

Seiji, Kevin and Paolo (yes, the three friends) get their big servings for that kind of taho that they crave. How much? If you can count the coins they got out from their wallets, then you have the idea. But seriously, if you wish to know how much, just drop to the comment section and ask away.

Now, if you want to stay reading this one– which I hope you won’t get bored– you’ll get to the part where the friends boosted their energy just by one spoonful of taste from that taho.

Well, the better move to show that energy boost is to do the Runningman Challenge. After all, it’s viral, it’s trendy and people want to know what new version they can see of people doing the seemingly outrageous but cute moves. If you find these guys cute, well… lucky for them.

Watching the video also gets you to see the yellow crew and even the kitchen crew. The dance move is really contagious, isn’t it?

You might also be interested in the Trumpet Challenge?

You just want to try that out, I mean the chilled taho and taste it for yourself. By the way, it’s in Ulli’s where you can buy. That gets you an idea if you happen to be in Ayala Center Cebu.

Lucky for these friends though that they had the chance to be with the company of the ones making it.

And as for the video, you be the judge. Seriously, just critique it and let us know. We’re good people anyway and we’re here to listen.

If you like it, why not give us some lovin’ and share it to your friends. I know you’ll have fun when you do.





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Written by Bjorn Cebuano

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