‘Let autistic children grow,’ says Master Po

Master Po, a homegrown Chinese restaurant in uptown Cebu City, has partnered with the Kidz Gym Therapy Center by providing a place that allows children with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder to grow and develop.

“I welcome kids from the center to help out Master Po,” said the owner Jan Joan Yu-So, the person responsible for growing Cebu’s plush Chinese cuisine destination The Ching Palace.

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Aside from offering quality Chinese food at more affordable prices, Jan Joan Yu-So wants Master Po to be more. “Aside from helping our children, we also teach our customers do away with discrimination and biases,” she said.

“No this is not a marketing stunt,” said Jan Joan Yu-So who confided that her eldest son has ASD. “I felt the pain my son felt from being discriminated. If no one is willing to accept them, I am different.”

She said Jinkee Lou Cabahug-Lim of the Kidz Gym Therapy Center, which is located at Maria Christina Ext., near Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus, had a hard time convincing establishments to accept their children as part of their program. When I heard about this, I asked Jinkee if Master Po would be okay.

Joan cited Trisha Van Berkel who said, “Autistic beings develop and bloom if their spirits, talents and self-esteem are not destroyed by bullies, prejudice, ‘doggie training,’ and being forced to be normal.” Nevertheless, she stressed that Master Po is not a therapy center. It is an affordable restaurant that brings with it the quality Chinese cuisine The Ching Palace is known for.

In fact, she brought along chef Marlon A. Pueblos of The Ching Palace.

“Let’s imagine his father had trained Master Po at The Ching Palace. Master Po is a young panda destined to be great,” said the petite mother of two who is also managing her family’s The Ching Palace.

The name The Ching Palace suggests fine dining even as the restaurant often catered to big groups, she said.

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Located at Unit 9 Plaza Nouvelle, E. Benedicto St, near the Sacred Heart Center, Master Po will however be for smaller groups of Chinese food lovers.

Like and follow Master Po’s Facebook ( and Instagram ( and check out their social media contest for a chance to win gift certificates.


Glutinous rice cooked with chicken, pork, mushroom, dried shrimp, and chinese sausage wrapped and steamed with dried lotus leaves
Fine egg noodles with pork soup base and rectangular fish paste
Beef tenderloin in sweet taste with oregano
Diced shrimp, fish, squid, and diced/minced vegetables wrapped in lettuce and served with hoisin sauce
Fried whole eggplant topped with assorted seasoned vegetables
Diced fish, shrimp, and squid topped with gravy and cheese then baked
Blanched egg noodles poured with superior soy sauce topped with meat and vegetables
Blanched egg noodles poured with superior soy sauce topped with chicken and vegetables

All vegetables inside wrapped with napa cabbage, steamed and poured with oyster sauce

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