15 Leading Startups that We should Watch in 2016

The technological advancements that we are currently experiencing have made our lives so much easier and comfortable. With the digital world becoming more and more integrated on our desktops and our mobile phones, many companies have started to rise up in providing even more innovative ideas to the world. These quick rising companies are what we call startups and they feature everything that’s technological – from mobile apps, to 3D printers, VR helmets and more.

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Below are fifteen for the most promising startups this year.


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There are already a couple of taxi apps available today, but Uber looks like it wants to set the bars even higher. With its mobile app enabling passengers to choose which cars will take them for a ride, Uber is not only aiming for convenience but also for affordability and class at the same time. For the users, they can choose up to five different automobiles – the basic uberX, the 4WD Taxi, the uberBlack that even comes with a driver, the SUV for the family, and finally, the LUX for the ultimate “riding in style” that comes with the right price tag as well.

The Uber service is currently available in 57 countries spread all over the world, but mainly operates in the US. And till now, it’s still expanding globally.


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Are you a fan of those futuristic helmets with all those computer generated Heads-Up Display (HUD) like the one that Tony Stark from Iron Man dons? Well, this one may pale in comparison against Iron Man’s fictional helmet, but the AR-1 from Skully sure is heading in the right direction. Currently, this startup company owns the smartest motorcycle helmet in the planet.

What’s so good about the helmet? It has a transparent HUD system, a 180 degree rearview camera, GPS system, their own e-tint visor that can change tint with a click of a button, voice control, bluetooth connectivity and more. But what’s so good about Skully aren’t the things that are already there – it’s the things that can be put in there in the future. The helmet has the potential to become the platform of what digital helmets will look like in the future.

Bla Bla Car

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This French-based startup that features traveling with company. Basically, if you plan on traveling alone on your car from one place or another, you can try posting your travel details on this platform and have people travel with you to your destination. In turn, they will pay you with the amount you indicated on the site as you fare. Your passengers can save on transportation costs and you can save on your gas expenses all at the same time with their fares.

But the best thing about Bla Bla Car is the travel itself. You can get to ride with people who each have their own adventures and they get to share it with you. What better way to travel on the road than traveling with a lively group!


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This startup focuses on providing businesses with people with talents in software developing. Most of their workforce come from Africa as this is the main goal of the said startup. They look for qualified African students and teach them code so that in turn, they can be valuable assets to the companies that will hire them.


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This Facebook-owned startup may have yet to release an official product but it’s beta releases are already creating a stir particularly in the gaming world. The Oculus Rift is the name of their product and in a nutshell, it is a gaming headset that lets you experience the closest thing to virtual reality.

Magic Leap

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Quite similar to Oculus, Magic Leap has an objective of accessing the digital world feel natural to us. Their idea is to create a head-mounted device that can render 3D imagery and make it look like it’s part of the actual objects around the user. The concept is still in the works, but once completed, it will no doubt cater to the gaming industry and on other fields as well.

MakerBot Industries

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Let’s admit it – despite the fact that it can be used for nefarious purposes, 3D printing is already here and will be here to stay. And Makerbot is a startup that makes it all the more reason why people should start accepting it as a great innovation as well. What their product does is to teach users how they can mold their own models and then create it afterwards. They will have the option of sharing their own creations to others as well.

Nokia supported Makerbot’s userbase by releasing the 3D designs for its mobile phone cases so that users can freely create designs of their own.

Fuel 3D

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The main use of the product featured by this company is to scan real objects and generate a 3D computer generated clone of it. While this can be used of various purposes, paired with a 3D printer like MakerBot, the results are virtually limitless. You can basically just scan something and have an exact replica of it afterwards.


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If there’s an app that lets you call a taxi no matter where you are, then how about shopping for groceries regardless of where you are? Instacart is an app that can be used in various states in the US that allows you to shop for fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods in supported markets and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

Electric Objects

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This is another innovative startup idea that focuses on bringing the beauty of the internet into the real world. Electric Objects features a digital wall frame that can be controlled via mobile or desktop. Using your phone, you can easily grab pictures and images on from the internet and have it posted on that screen, like a wallpaper. The design is minimalistic, yet the capabilities it offers is simply majestic.

Yik Yak

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Find your herd – this was the main motto of the mobile messaging app Yik Yak. The startup features a no login system and instantly lets you join in on the conversation. If you want to say something, all you need to do is pick up your phone, open the app and send the message, it’ll reach anyone who’s using the app within more than a mile radius from you.


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Slack is, in a nutshell, is the your one stop app for team management and communications. You can use it to communicate with everyone on your workplace, assign tasks on specific people, share and upload data, images, link videos, etc. The list simply goes on with this app and what’s even more awesome about it is that it’s integrated with a lot of team management apps that you may already be using.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Asana, Twitter, Bitbucket, Desk and a lot more – they are all rolled into this app. And if you don’t still don’t see your favorite app here, you can easily have Slack to add it for you in a couple of simple steps.


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Not every startup gets the chance of succeeding. Some may completely disappear, others may get taken in by a bigger company and some by be bought by others and will be under a new supervision. This is what Exitround does – give startup owners a chance to find the right buyers or the technology companies that fit their criteria best. It uses an algorithm based search system that specifically looks for the most appropriate match for you. If you’re a buyer or a seller of technology companies, you might just find your future business partner here.

We Are PopUp

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One’s unused space may be another’s business opportunity. And looking for one or offering it will be made even easier with this startup. We Are PopUp has the similarities to Exit Round, in that it gathers two parties who are looking for each other into one platform – in this case, people who are looking for a space or room to offer and the others who wants to lease or rent them. The startup not only aims to provide a new space for the tenants and a new source of income for the landlords, it also aims to provide a chance for a collaboration between the two parties.

Indoor Mapping Startups

While there aren’t any that mainly focuses in this feature, indoor mapping is already a viable idea that is used by Google and Apple – there’s even Baidu to boot. Indoor mapping can potentially increase a user’s navigation experience of a certain establishment so it’s really worth keeping track of it.

More Startups

Are you currently following a startup from the list? Do you have any good startup companies that you haven’t followed yet? As the years pass more and more startups will rise and more will also disappear over the course of time as well.

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