Lemon Grass’ 11 Years Celebration: Thai and Vietnamese Flavors in A Plate

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If you've been craving the cuisine of our neighboring countries like Thailand or Vietnam for the love of food, discovering the right restaurant is essential. Lemon Grass, a taste of Thai and Vietnamese culture in a plate, will surely satisfy your tummy.

Lemon Grass, (yep, that’s the name) have been serving quality food in Cebu City for 11 years. Their restaurant is located in Ayala Center, The Terraces.

The restaurant is well lighted and fronting the well-curated fauna of the Ayala Terraces gardens. Its interiors is dominated with purple, associated to Thailand, which also means nobleness of the said race. There is also a touch of green, signifying health, which is the main advocacy of the restaurant; to give healthy and quality food. Busy servers are seen wearing a purple Asian themed-uniforms. Table settings are in purple and green with orchids on the center and chopsticks on the side. Families, couples, and other nationalities meeting with acquaintances, are also seen in the restaurant.

Lemon Grass started 11 years ago.  It is the first Viet and Thai restaurant of Chef Raki Urbina, after graduating from culinary school. He is now the Corporate Chef of the Laguna Group -- the owner of the well-loved restaurant brands Cafe Laguna, Laguna Gardens, Ullis Streets of Asia and Parilya Restaurants.

Currently, Managing Director Jill Viado heads the operations of this well-loved food brand.

Thailand + Vietnam

Viado shared that her family is fond of visiting other countries and appreciating its culture and flavors. Thailand and Vietnam are on top of their list. The Urbina family conceptualized Lemon Grass when they discovered that the style of cooking of Vietnam and Thailand are almost the same. Both cuisines are prepared with health in mind, and back then it was just a starting trend.

"This is why Lemon Grass’ menu is healthy" as explained by Viado. Viado personally loves Thai cuisine. She said, “Very complex ang kanilang cooking and food. The way they present their food is very artistic.”

Thai and Vietnamese Facts that you should know.
According to Jill, Vietnamese food is very simple yet fancy. It is fancy in a way that some food are influenced by the French culture.

There is a Ying and Yang. The best of both worlds. The perfect combination!

Here are Thai and Viet dishes that you should try 

Adjustment Periods

Raniel Tagalongan, Kitchen Team Leader, also celebrated his 11 years in the company. Being one of the pioneering staff of Lemon Grass, he was left with no words saying “Ang experience ko is, grabe.“

“Sa permiro gud adjustment namo hangtod karon niabot og pila ka bulan hangtod years na, murag stable na gyud ang amo gipang-utro nga pagkaon.”, Tagalongan added.

Customer Service

Jill said that they also try to give something back to the community like giving jobs, not just to those deserving ones but also to the less privileged.  

Why do customers keep on coming back? Jill said that it is about the food. Conceptualizing and maintaining the quality food for the customers is their main priority.

Juliet Maldo (from the left), went to Lemon Grass for the second time. Making use of her noon-break, she brought her officemate. One thing she likes about Lemon Grass is that the staff are customer-oriented. Asked what food she likes on the menu, she said, “Lami ilang juice. Lahi ra siya,” with a smile on her face.

The Juice

Did you know that Lemon Grass is the first one to introduce health juices in Cebu? Infused water is a clear juice mixed with cucumber, lemon, and herbs. No machine used. Amazing, isn't it?

Specialty Dessert

A new dessert was recetly launched. It is called the Tub Timsiam. For the anniversary celebration, they gave it to their customers for free.  The dessert will be included in the menu very soon. 

You may take a glimpse of the restaurant through:

ขอให้เจริญอาหาร or kŏr hâi jà-rern aahăan!
Ăn nào!

Visit Lemon Grass now to experience the combination of Thai and Vietnamese food!


This post has been seen 905 times.

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